How To Make Mustard At Home

updated May 2, 2019
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As curious cooks and condiment lovers, we have tackled recipes for homemade ketchup, hand-beaten mayonnaise, and DIY hot sauce. Now, inspired by a recent piece in the Guardian, we’re about to add mustard to the list.

An except from The Mustard Book by Rosamund Man and Robin Weir makes the process sound time-consuming, but not difficult. With the help of a food processor, “making mustard is easy,” the authors write.

First, you must soak the mustard seeds for at least 24-36 hours; you can use vinegar, grape juice or must, water, or even “broth of powder’d beef” according to a 17th century recipe. This is followed by breaking up the seeds in a food processor and then using sieves to separate the paste from the husks (“in Dijon, these are fed to the pigs; in a Bordeaux mustard, some of the crushed hulls are left in the mustard”). The final step is seasoning, which is where you can get creative with spices, herbs, and sweeteners.

Have you ever made mustard? Do you have any good recipes or tips to share?

Read the article: How to make mustard at home (Guardian)

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