How To Make a Radish Wreath for Spring

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Wow, look at this radish wreath! Wreaths aren’t just for winter greenery and fall gourds — check out this very springlike version that you can make yourself.

We think this radish wreath is stunning. It is easily made with a basket of radish bunches and a wire wreath frame. It doesn’t live very long, though, so it might be better as a table centerpiece for a special occasion. (Mother’s Day, perhaps?) Either way it’s a gorgeous display of one of our favorite spring vegetables, and it’s a reminder, too, to eat plenty of them while they are fresh.

Cook up the radishes once their leaves have wilted; have you tried our recipe for braised radishes with shallots and vinegar? They may sound a little strange, but this is one of our very favorite spring recipes. Juicy, crisp, and fresh!

Get the directions here: How To Make a Radish Wreath at Sunset

(Image: Thomas J. Story for Sunset)