How To Make a Custom Knife Tray Out of Wood & Glue

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Reader Laura sent us a wonderful easy and cheap kitchen project she just completed: A custom knife block for a kitchen drawer. The IKEA model she wanted was discontinued, and others were too expensive for her budget. She realized that she could easily make one herself, and the results are pretty awesome.

Laura realized that she could make her ultimate knife drawer insert herself — and it would fit better than any off-the-rack model.

She decided to build it out of inexpensive wood, mounted to an IKEA rubber mat drawer liner. She started by measuring her knife blades and handles, and then she drew a diagram of how she wanted it to lay out. She bought some cheap wood at the lumber store, and her husband cut it into small pieces. (Although, she does point out that most hardware stores will cut wood for you if you ask.)

The rest of the process was extremely easy, as she says here:

While constructing the insert, I stumbled on a very easy shortcut. Originally, I was just planning to anchor the wood down onto the drawer liner with glue until I could reinforce each piece with screws. Well… I was using IKEA’s rubber drawer liners and a hot-glue gun and the heat from the glue completely fused the rubber liner to the wood. The hold was very strong and it was completely unnecessary to add screws for reinforcement!

It worked so well that Laura decided to make cutlery and kitchen tools drawers in the same way. (See photos above!)

For more detailed instructions and photos, go take a look at Laura’s blog.

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This is just a very inspiring project for us; it’s so inexpensive and easily customizable!

(Images: Laura of Lapsus Humanus)