How to Level Your Stove Top So Your Pots Don’t Rattle

published Mar 11, 2010
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For two years, we listened to the clank-clank of our pots and pans rocking on the stovetop grates as we stirred. We thought it was something we had to live with- an ever-so-slightly off-kilter stove that made it impossible for pots to sit flat and still. Guess what? There’s a way to fix it. So easy it’s embarrassing, really.

A very handy family member spent five minutes at our stovetop and declared he could solve the problem. Turns out some stoves have feet that are like big screws. You can rotate them to adjust the level of the stove.

Here’s what you do:
• Use a level (the tool with the liquid and bubble in it) to figure out which way your stove is tilting. Ours was uneven from left to right, so we had to adjust one of the feet. If yours is uneven front to back, you’ll need to adjust both to match the level of the back of the stove.
• Get a heavy-duty adjustable wrench. Clamp it onto the leg and turn.
• Place the level on the edge of the stove again to check the adjustment. When the bubble stays still in the middle, you’re all set.
If your stove doesn’t have these screw-type legs, you can place a thin washer under the leg you need to raise. We didn’t have to do this, but we’d imagine you need some strong arms to lift the stove while you slide in the washer.

This simple job made all the difference in our kitchen. We honestly used to think our pot bottoms might have been warped, causing the rocking. We never thought about leveling our stove.

Is this a common problem in your kitchens? Anyone have another fix for it?


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