On Letting Go of Your Food Magazine Collection: Got Any Tips for Me?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’ve somehow convinced myself that I might need that salsa recipe in last year’s Sunset at some point in time, and perhaps that yellow cake recipe in Food and Wine will really come in handy for a birthday celebration. Maybe I’ll go to Hungary or Jerusalem and really be glad I hung onto those back issues of Saveur. You see how this goes. 

The funny thing is that I don’t have this tendency with anything else in my life. I like to clear bills off my desk right when I get them, I hate clutter around the house, and I’ve gotten really good at donating old clothes that I haven’t touched in a year or two. But food magazines: that’s a different story. 

While I love receiving them in the mail, and study them closely for work and for personal inspiration, there comes a time when we’ve simply got to let them go (can you tell I’m convincing myself here), no?

Do you have any tips? How do you deal with your back issues of food magazines? How do you take the recycling/donating plunge?

(Images: Megan Gordon)