This Super-Simple Hack Promises to Keep Cookies Soft Long After Baking

published May 17, 2023
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn; Food Stylist: CC Buckley/Kitchn

If you’re a fan of cookies, it’s likely that you appreciate a cookie’s ability to stay soft for days after it’s been baked. And while a true cookie connoisseur loves all cookies, it is nearly impossible to deny the joy one experiences when biting into a warm, soft, and chewy cookie. So, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering how the heck you keep a cookie soft long after it has finished baking, you’re not alone. In fact, there is a pretty cool trick to making it happen that you probably haven’t thought of before.

In a recent TikTok post by the talented Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes, the cookbook author clues us in on what seems to be a very out-of-the-box type of kitchen hack on the surface, but in reality, it’s a method that has been used for years and is an absolutely ingenious idea. 

After storing your fresh baked cookies in a glass Mason jar, drop a single slice of bread inside the jar before sealing it shut with the lid. The cookies will absorb the moisture of the bread, keeping them soft and fresh for days, and keeping you happy as a kid in a candy store. Don’t just throw in any slice of bread, though. As it seems, white bread apparently works best for this method, as it wont transfer its own flavors to the cookies. 

Personally, I could have gone my whole life without learning this trick, although I am grateful to know it now. It reminds me of when I learned how adding a paper towel in your bag of lettuce helps keep greens fresh and crispy. It’s the simplicity of the trick that wins every single time, because we all have jobs, lives, and kids to get back to. So, when we reach our tired hands into that cookie jar after a long day of work, we deserve to pull out a soft cookie as a reward. 

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