How To In the Kitchen: What Do You Want to Learn?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Next month, February, is all about How To here at The Kitchn (and across all the Apartment Therapy sites)! That means we’ll be getting up close and personal with how to do anything and everything in the kitchen, from breaking an egg one-handed to painting your cabinets on a budget to making a meal schedule for the week. So we’re curious: Are there any techniques, projects, or other things you’d like to see tutorials for?

We’re thinking about revisiting basic, popular recipes like lasagna and fried rice, and giving step-by-step photo tutorials. We’re also thinking about some more complicated recipes like puff pastry, or techniques like kneading bread.

What would you like to see next month? Is there anything in particular you’ve been hoping to learn lately in the kitchen?

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