How to Host a Brunch Party: 5 Hostess Tips

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Brunch is special. It’s almost always more of an occasion than a simple meal. Even if it’s just a midday meal with you and your partner, by its very nature, it’s a statement that hey, we’re taking our time here! While I love meeting up with friends for brunch around the city, what better way to really enjoy each other’s company than to host occasional parties at home?

I think the main reason we don’t do this all that often is because, in the midst of our busy lives, the planning can seem a little daunting. Or at the very least, a chore. But after tending to a few things, a brunch get-together can actually be quite simple and seamless. Here are a few of our tips to help get you hosting more often:

1. Ponder the Playlist
While it can seem like just one more thing to layer on and think about, music is important, especially in the late morning hours when some folks are really just coming around to the day and can veer on quiet rather than lively. For a brunch party, you want to think of a few good bands that will add a bit of life to the party without being too brash or heavy. If you’re unsure where to turn for music, search for a few good music blogs that you can relate to and go from there. We love Turntable Kitchen for their music and food pairings. When the cards are down, ask friends to bring an album they love!

2. Variety on the Table
Food is obviously something you want to think about for a brunch party. Instead of going all out with many involved dishes, choose one bigger dish and a few little bites and nibbles that people can snack on while chatting. For a bigger dish, I love 101 Cookbooks’ Breakfast Polenta Bar and for smaller bites, try Shutterbean’s Peanut Butter Granola Balls or these Pistachio-Stuffed Dates with Coconut from Whole Living.

3. Coffee and Tea, Please!
Not everyone drinks coffee, so it’s nice to have a few alternatives as well. A good herbal tea like mint or chamomile is often a welcome addition as is a fresh juice like orange or grapefruit. A few brunch parties I’ve been to have had a signature juicy brunch punch which is usually a fruit juice blend with a touch of champagne — always a big hit.

4. Lounging is Key
There’s not much you can do about the layout of your house. This much is true. But you can bring in extra chairs or big cushions to a room where you think folks will most likely hang out and mingle. Making that space more comfortable can go a long way.

5. Something to Do
Usually these type of get-together take care of themselves in terms of conversation, but if you have a quieter group, sometimes it’s nice to have a few games lined up to keep folks busy and to break the ice. If it’s warm outside, darts or hourseshoes can be fun. Inside, we love the dice game Farkle. Ticket to Ride is also pretty famous in our circles.

What are your favorite tips and ideas for throwing a fabulously enjoyable brunch party?

(Image: Eddie Ross)