This Simple Technique Will Give Your Steak the Best Crust Ever

published Apr 15, 2022
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a steak being seared in a skillet
Credit: Joe Lingeman and Jesse Szewczyk
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Grilling season is finally upon us, and if you’ve been hankering for a juicy-but-crusty grilled steak, we’ve got great news for you. Over on Instagram, Derek Wolf of Over the Fire Cooking recently shared a surprisingly easy method for a perfect steak crust, and it’s safe to say our mouths are already watering. Here’s what you need to know.

After firing up the grill — he uses a Fuegos TX model — Wolf borrows a technique from fellow influencer and chef Adam Perry Lang, scoring the outside of the steak to create more surface area for grilling, then adding some oil and kosher salt. While the steaks are cooking, Wolf whips up a brine composed of melted bacon fat, lemon juice, garlic, sage, and rosemary. (Along with adding tons of flavor, the brine helps build the crust, so definitely don’t skip this step!)

Then, it’s time to baste when the brine is rendered and the steaks are almost done cooking. Wolf brushes the liquid onto the steaks and grills them for a few more minutes, flipping multiple times, until they reach 120°F.

The result? A crusty, flavorful, pink-in-the-center steak that is nothing short of a chef’s (or grill master’s) kiss. We’d pair it with this Make-Ahead Summer Veggie Chopped Salad and an assortment of Marinated Grilled Vegetables. Let us know if you try it!