How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies This Time Last Year

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A year ago this week there were good tips for getting rid of fruit flies, recipes for early fall, discussions on what NOT to put in the dishwasher and the recipes you just can’t seem to get right. Plus there was an omelet in a bag and a hairdryer in the kitchen.

• How do you boil water?

• From the files: All about roast chicken, including a tip that involves a blow dryer.

• A lovely DIY cake stand.

• What do you NOT put in the dishwasher?

• How to top vintage milk bottles and use them for storage.

• What is your kitchen nemesis?

• Which is better? Olive oil vs. canola oil.

• How to make an omelet in a bag.

• A space-saver for small kitchens: a fold-down shelf.

• Weekend project: roast and store peppers.

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