How To Fry-Poach an Egg

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Have you ever fry-poached an egg? We think that this intriguing mash-up of egg terminology holds out potential for the ultimate breakfast egg.

Reader Jennifer sent us her scrumptious-looking Croque Jardin, pictured above. The sandwich looks lovely and delicious, but we were arrested by her description of the “fry-poached” egg on top.

Basically, a fry-poached egg avoids the rubbery white of a regular fried egg by combining two favorite techniques. You start by frying the egg in a hot pan, but then you splash a little water into the frying pan, after the white has just set. Then cover with a lid and finish the cooking process gently.

We think this has real potential, and we can hardly wait to try it out! Have you ever used this method? See more detailed instructions and a recipe for that stunning breakfast sandwich at Jennifer’s blog:

Croque Jardin a la Jen at Red Bird Cabin

(Image: Jennifer of Red Bird Cabin)