How to Freeze Summer Fruit Cook’s Illustrated

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Looking at all the peaches and berries at the farmers’ market gives us a bittersweet feeling; we’re delighted, but we also know that their season is short-lived. All the more reason to learn how best to freeze them–and even more important if you bought in bulk. Below is a decade-old tutorial from Cook’s Illustrated that we dug up…

As the detail oriented people at Cook’s Illustrated are wont to do, they froze six different kinds of summer fruit, using several different techniques, to see which held up the best.

The overall verdict is that fruits must be frozen with some sugar (whether that’s sugar syrup or plain sugar depends on the fruit). Fruits frozen with nothing added ended up with a mushy texture and off flavors when defrosted a few months later, according to the CI testers.

Peaches need some ascorbic acid to keep their color and texture, and cherries, unfortunately, didn’t fare well in any circumstance. The recommendation? Can them instead.

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