How To Refinish Flaky Cabinets From the 60s Jessi’s February Jumpstart Project 2009

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Project: The 60s Cabinets Finally Get a Facelift!
Name: Jessi
Time: 2 days
Cost: Less than $40

Are you stuck with ancient wood kitchen cabinets, peeling and flaking with old paint or glaze? If so, take heart, because Jessi tackled a similar problem and conquered her kitchen with some hard work and green paint (perhaps it should go in our gallery of green kitchens). To see more of her project, read on.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)


Jessi says:

AACK! 1960’s flat panel kitchen cabinets with a terrible flaking orange-glaze! I’ve hated these cabinets for the 4 years I’ve lived here, but the daunting mess of old flaky lacquer was just too much. Finally, after hearing about “Do It Now!”, and with the help of my brave boyfriend, I decided to give the cabinets a simple and economical facelift.

All hail the mini-roller!
Also used:
An artist’s brush for the small areas
Trash bags for dust and paint drippings
A couple of screwdrivers
Mini palm sander
2 dust masks
A can of primer
2 colors of paint

First step: Unscrew all the doors off and remove the handles. Simple enough. Next, outside with the palm sander. The old finish came off pretty easily — what a dusty mess! Then the worst part: INSIDE with the palm sander to complete the lacquer removal on the cabinets.

As my boyfriend sanded, I held up the vacuum cleaner in an effort to minimize clean up! (I pretended this was working.) Don’t forget your dust masks!!

The next day we used the most wonderful invention in the history of painting: the roller. In no time, we had the cabinets primed.

A short while later, we began with the chocolate brown on the cabinets along the floor and the background of the wall mounted portion.

Then, vibrant lime green on the doors.

Finally, it was time to screw the hardware back and re-mount the doors!

In the future, Stage 2 of the 60s Cabinet Facelift Project will be to frame a wonderful lime and chocolate fabric I have and attach the frame to the center of the doors. They will look like outdated flat-panels no more! Now I just have to get up the ambition for Stage 2…..

Leftover paint that I had used on the walls of my house! I combined a wonderful green with brown to create the two-toned cabinets. Often times, you can create a totally different look with supplies lying around the corners of your home!

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)