7 Savory Ways to Add Coffee to Your Dinner

updated May 1, 2019
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As an ingredient, coffee is most relegated to the sweet category. (Who doesn’t love a good tiramisu?) But coffee is versatile; it’s just as good in savory dishes as sweet ones. Certainly you can make an espresso to drink after dinner, but why not also bring coffee onto your dinner plate?

Here are seven ways to incorporate coffee into your evening meal.

1. Coffee Crackers

Need a little pre-dinner appetizer? Use brewed coffee to make these coffee crackers, which pair well with aged cheese.

2. Coffee marinade

Hosting a BBQ for a warm-weather dinner? Make a coffee marinade to help add flavor to meats, and even vegetables, before adding them to the grill.

3. Coffee rub

If you prefer rubs over marinades, you can still depend on your favorite ingredient. The strong flavor of a coffee rub will pair well with dark meats.

Get the recipe pictured above: Sticky BBQ Spare Ribs with a Coffee and Pepper Rub at Drizzle & Dip

4. Coffee roasted vegetables

Root vegetables pair well with coffee, as they sweeten when you cook them, and the coffee helps to intensify that natural sweetness. Roast some beets and carrots with coffee for a colorful dinner side. You can even slow-bake carrots on coffee beans if you’re feeling up for it.

5. Coffee vinaigrette

If your dinner involves a salad, make a coffee vinaigrette for it. You can also use the vinaigrette to pour over grilled meats and vegetables.

6. Coffee chili

Coffee in chili? Oh yes. Coffee can help play up the flavors in the chili, so it’s a fun ingredient to experiment with when taking your chili game to the next level. You can even make a vegetarian version.

7. Biscuits with spicy coffee butter

Add a little kick to butter by mixing in some ground coffee. This butter, blended with coffee and hot sauce, will melt right into your dinner biscuits; a fun and creative spin on a classic.

What are some of your favorite ways to get more coffee into your dinner?