How to Eat Grilled Vegetables 5 Days In a Row

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This spring our grill has been getting quite the workout and it seems that every Sunday we find ourselves grilling up skewer after skewer of vegetables. Since there’s only two of us in the house, we have lots of leftovers, but eating the same side dish for the next five days can get a little boring. Here are five ways to cook once on Sunday, then eat grilled vegetables for the entire week — without getting bored at all.

Day 1: Grilled
The first day we eat the vegetables straight off the grill. The true secret to amazing grilled vegetables that are packed with flavor and aren’t dry is to marinate them. Although it’s something we usually do with meat, veggies like it just the same so toss them in a bag or bowl with a little leftover salad dressing, or whip up a mix of your favorite marinade ingredients and let them soak for at least an hour before hitting the grill grates.

Day 2: Reheated
Did you like your veggies on day 1? Well they’re just as good on day 2 if you pop them back in the oven for a few minutes to reheat them. Yes you can use the microwave, but it can often times make them a little more soggy or shrivel-y. The toaster oven does wonders if you happen to have one around. Try a squeeze of lemon on them!

Day 3: Pizza
Dice, dice, dice ’em up! Dice up several large handfuls of your roasted veg to add to the base of your next grilled or baked pizza. It’s a great way to impart maximum flavor without having to head to the grocery store. If you haven’t tried us, just trust us… regular vegetables will never suffice again!

Day 4: Marinara
Go ahead and add the remaining vegetables to the blender. Blend away until you have small chunks with a little liquid. You can now add this liquid to pasta sauces of your choosing. It will add body, flavor and nutrition to sauces of all colors, but at heart we love it most in marinara!

Day 5: Blended
Since your vegetables at this point are more liquid than not, try adding the remaining amount to your daily smoothie or blended drink. If you remember ahead of time, try to leave out the onions before blending so you don’t end up with such a strong taste as it will overpower any fruits or subtle flavors you add after. If smoothies aren’t your bag, just freeze the remainder in an ice cube tray for later use in sauces, dips or even quick bread batters!

(Image: Flickr member xurde licensed for use by Creative Commons)