How To Cut Up a Chicken: 10 Knife Skills Tutorials

updated May 12, 2022
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As we dive into some fresh tutorials and videos for How To Month we’d like to first direct your attention to a few tutorials from our archives. These 10 tutorials are all on everyone’s most-requested topic: Knife skills!

There are some basics here; we especially recommend the video on basic knife skills, which covers how to set up your cutting board, and how to hold your knife. Also, The Claw! makes an appearance.

Please excuse the choppy video and audio in some of these; we were still working out a few kinks when we filmed them!

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• 8 How to Cut a Pineapple
• 9 How To Slice a Bell Pepper
• 10 Knife Skills: The Claw

I have to say that working on these tutorials really improved my own skills! I realized, for instance, that I let my cutting board slide all around when I am working. Not a good idea. Since doing these videos I’ve been much more attentive to my cutting board, keeping it in place with a damp cloth.

What other knife skills are you working on right now?