How To Create a Wall of Spoon Hooks Bojo’s February Jumpstart Project 2009

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Project: Spoon Wall
Name: Bojo
Time: 3 hours
Cost: $10-$20

Our February Jumpstart contest is underway, and here is our first kitchen entry! Bojo created a clever series of hooks in the kitchen using inexpensive materials and a set of flatware. He says that this project makes the most sense in the kitchen but could be used for towel racks in the bathroom, coats racks at the front door or closets or just about anything else that can be stored by hanging. We like it, but what do you think? Read on for all the details and photos, and give him a thumbs up if you find this helpful!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)


3/16 steel drill bit
Counter sink bit
#8 drywall screws
Stainless steel silverware set
Claw hammer

1. Locate area of contact on the back of utensil (For the spoon this will be where it would hold the most liquid; you will need to flatten any forks and bend the prongs out.)
2. Drill hole in utensil
3. Use countersink bit to open the hole for the screw. Make sure it is big enough that the screw head is flush with the surface of utensil when installed.
4. Use the claw part of your hammer to bend the handle of the utensil forward to create a hook. You can use both the top of the utensil (spoon/fork) as well as the “handle hook” for securing your kitchen hardware.
5. Using the drywall screw install each piece in pattern of your choice (staggering will help utilize space for different size kitchen tools).

The end.

The $0.99 store.

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)