How To Cook Just About Anything

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

February is our How-To month at Apartment Therapy; our annual chance to fill the archives with useful hacks for cooking just about anything from scratch. We even throw in some clever tips on cleaning, building, sewing and tweaking other parts of the kitchen, aside from the food.

Every so often a how-to comes along that answers a question you’ve always wanted to ask, like how do I crack an egg with one hand? Or maybe you thought you were an expert in cooking a steak, but then you read a post about cooking it in the oven that offers a method you haven’t yet tried. That’s when we know we’re doing a good job here at

From How To Grind Your Own Meat in a Food Processor to How To Make Your Own Croissants, here are a few of my favorite how-to posts from our archives.

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