This Is the Kitchen Hack That Sent Our Editors Running to Their Pantries

published Jul 20, 2022
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For me, nothing says breakfast quite like cereal. Given my limited cooking ability, it was my go-to breakfast meal on Saturdays as I watched my favorite morning cartoons. From Kellogg’s Corn Pops to Honey Nut Cheerios, I had a wide range of cereal boxes lining my pantry at all times. However, no cereal has ever topped my love for Frosted Flakes. To me, Tony the Tiger wasn’t kidding when he said, “they’re grrrreat.”

To me, the magical taste of a sweet cornflake paired with a satisfying crunch was so great, I could eat them both dry and with milk. So, imagine my disappointment when I’d open the pantry with excitement, settle in to eat, and the cereal had gone stale because someone left the box open.

Well, it appears fitness and nutrition coach Sarah Amann (@sarah.rose.amann on Instagram) shares my frustration because she shared a video showing the best way to close a cereal box to keep it fresh. And no, it’s not just shutting it using the unreliable tab at the top of the box. It is, however, so ingenious you’ll never want to do it any other way once you successfully do it once. 

With the front side facing you, start by folding the two short side tabs inside the box. Next, fold the tab along the front side of the box into the box. Then, you’ll crease the left and right side of the box so that the top of the front tab is touching the back tab. The only thing left is to take the tab on the outward-facing side and tuck it into the box. Given the uniformity of cereal boxes, the trick will work on most cereal boxes.

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