How to Clean Your Kitchen, as Told by Dogs

How to Clean Your Kitchen, as Told by Dogs

Ariel Knutson
Oct 1, 2013

The Kitchn Cure started yesterday -– 2 weeks, 10 assignments to help you get your kitchen clean and organized. If you haven't signed up for the Cure, or are worried that it might be too hard or take too much time, have no fear –– these dogs are here to hold your hand through the process. They know what's up.

STEP 1: Admit you have a problem.

Gross kitchens are The Worst –– who wants to cook in a nasty, disorganized kitchen? NOBODY. Not even cats.

STEP 2: Don't procrastinate.

It's time to stop being disgusting and start organizing your kitchen. No more procrastinating. Let's get to work.

STEP 3: Get your friends to help you.

First things first, get your friends and family to help you if they are available. Bonus points if you just make them do everything and you sit and watch.

STEP 4: Throw stuff out.

Next, throw out all the gross stuff in your fridge, and all the nasty cooking appliances you never use. If the appliances are in good shape and you don't need them, obviously donate or sell or whatever. Be a good dog, basically.

STEP 5: Clean everything

After you throw all the stuff out, it's time for a serious scrub down. Wash everything –– don't hold back.

STEP 6: Make stuff look nice

Now it's time to tidy up –– clean, organize, make things look real cute and stuff. If you want to revamp something in your kitchen, like paint, this is the time to do it.

STEP 7: Do whatever you want because why not.

Cool, now that your kitchen looks beautiful take some time to exercise and play catch or sniff stuff.

STEP 8: Throw a giant dinner party.

It's essential that you throw a dinner party so all your friends can be all "OMG your kitchen is so beautiful and you are perfect," and you can be all "Yeah, I know, whatever."


Good job –– you did it! Now go make your kitchen proud and cook something real good, you hear?

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