Your Sink Is Filthy. Here’s the Easiest Way to Clean It (and All Its Parts).

updated Oct 14, 2019
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A kitchen sink can have more bacteria in it than a public toilet seat. Once you know this, you will never be able to un-know it. Meaning, you’ll think twice (or three times!) before grabbing that spoon you just dropped in there and instantly realized you still needed. Of course, there are a few things you can do to keep your sink clean between washings and then, yes, you do need to wash your sink when it starts to get gnarly. You also need to give some TLC to all your sink’s pieces — like the faucet and drain. Luckily, it’s all pretty easy to do.

Here are the best and easiest ways to clean your kitchen sink and all its components.

1. How To Clean a Stainless Steel Sink

You really just need some baking soda and dish soap. (Baking soda is only mildly abrasive, so it will help break up food particles without harming the sink surface.) You can also disinfect your sink with water and a little bit of bleach, but we get that bleach in the kitchen isn’t for everyone. If your sink is enamel or porcelain, we’ve found that this stuff works like magic.

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Credit: Joe Lingeman

2. How To Clean Your Kitchen Faucet and Spray Nozzle

Hard-water deposits can build up and start to clog the holes in your faucet and that pull-out spray nozzle. Soaking the heads in vinegar (let it sit while you go do something else!) will do the trick. And if you need to polish up the finish on the faucet, use a piece of wax paper — it’ll buff spots and help repel future water stains.

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3. How To Unclog Your Sink Drain

You could run to the store to buy some special cleaner the next time your drain gets clogged. Or you can make your own cleaner with stuff you already have on hand. You’ll just need some baking soda, lemon juice, and a good book to read while you wait for the drain to unclog itself. For what it’s worth, we love these drain sticks to help prevent future clogs.

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Credit: Cat Meschia

4. How To Clean your Garbage Disposal

The first rule of owning a garbage disposal is simple: Don’t put anything down there that doesn’t belong — no bones or pits, grease, celery or other fibrous foods, coffee grinds, egg shells, potatoes, pasta, or any other super-starchy things. And you’re gonna want to freshen it up every once in a while (you’re putting gross stuff down there!). Raid your pantry and freezer for salt, baking soda, vinegar, and ice. Then, follow the steps below.

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When was the last time you cleaned your sink?