How To Clean a Carbon Steel Pan

updated May 30, 2019
How To Clean a Carbon Steel Pan
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Now that dinner is served straight from your favorite carbon steel pan, how exactly do you get it clean? It’s easy! Easier than you’d ever guess.

The key to cleaning your carbon steel pan is to steer clear of soap, harsh chemicals, or scouring pads — and to oil your pan once it’s clean and dry. For even easier cleanup, wash your pan when it’s still slightly warm. And when you’re finished, put that pan in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to use it again!

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How To Clean a Carbon Steel Pan

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  • Warm water
  • Dishcloth or sponge
  • Nylon scrubber (optional)
  • Dish towel
  • Clean dishcloth or paper towel


  1. Soak dirty pan in warm water: Place your dirty pan in warm water. No suds allowed! Let it soak for a few minutes.

  2. Clean pan using dishcloth or sponge: A dishcloth or sponge should do the trick, but, if necessary, you can use a nylon scrubber to remove tough cooked-on food.

  3. Dry pan thoroughly: Use a dishtowel to make sure your pan is completely dry.

  4. Oil your pan: Coat fresh dishcloth or paper towel with vegetable oil and spread a light layer over interior and exterior of pan.