How to Buy a Wok & Eating on $31 a Week This Time Last Year

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We were getting deep into Asian cuisine this time last year: eating soup dumplings, buying woks, and debating kobe beef. Read on for these, plus eating on $31 a week, tips for drizzling chocolate, and more from last year’s archives.

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Buying a good wok doesn’t have to mean emptying your bank account.

• Even the tiniest kitchens can still be super cozy.

• Hang onto summer just a little longer with these Vegetable and Mint Summer Rolls.

For perfectly piped chocolate, all you need is a plastic baggie.

• Have ten minutes? That’s all you need to give your pantry a quick tidy-up.

A Chinese cleaver might be the only kitchen knife you’ll ever need.

• Does mise en place really save as much time as chefs always say?

There’s no resisting a stack of ginger-infused pear pancakes.

• Here’s how one reporter fed her family on $31 a week…while still shopping at Whole Foods and farmers markets.

Don’t you love brick accent walls in the kitchen?

Coconut ice cream gets classy with shiso-sugar.

• Avocado smoothies are an energy-packed way to start the day.

Is kobe beef really worth all the hype?

• Check in on our ongoing quest to find the perfect homemade pad thai.

• On cool mornings, a bowl of miso soup sounds perfect.<

Soup dumplings! So delicate and so very good.