Make Iced Coffee Faster with an Aeropress

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do you love the easy, inexpensive Aeropress coffee maker as much as we do? Or are you looking for a fast, flavorful way to make iced coffee? If so, you need to check out this method at Serious Eats.

It’s still scorching hot where we live and iced coffee is a daily ritual in our house. We make coffee using the Aeropress – which produces a rich, smooth brew free of bitterness – and then chill the coffee in the refrigerator or use a cocktail shaker, shakerato-style. However, next time we’re going to try this approach described at Serious Eats.

Used at the Gregory’s coffee chain in New York, this process involves pressing the Aeropress over a cup of ice. It’s a lot faster than many iced coffee methods and Serious Eats’ Liz Clayton writes that “brewing with hot water directly onto ice tends to preserve the brightness of the bean.”

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