This Brilliant Tip for Baking the Perfect Cookie Is Game-Changing, According to One Food Blogger

published Oct 25, 2021
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

There’s no need to stress over your cookie dough this holiday season because it turns out that the secret to making perfect cookies is all in the way you chill.

Baking blogger Sarah Crawford (@bromabakery) is blowing up TikTok with a clip showing six chocolate chip cookies all made from the same dough. “Look how much chill time and temperature can change the look of your cookie,” she says. 

Like the science teacher we all wish we’d had in school, she then proceeds to break open each cookie and point out why they’re different. “Not chilling the dough leads to a more crackly cookie since the dough didn’t have time in the fridge to absorb the flour,” she explains.

She shows what happens to dough chilled for 30 minutes and baked at both 350 degrees and 375 degrees, dough that’s frozen, dough that’s smooshed and — her favorite — dough chilled for two hours and baked at 350 degrees. “This helps deepen the flavor of your cookie and gives the ingredients time to meld together, creating a chewy cookie with a crispy edge and just the right amount of spread.”

More than 11 million viewers have tuned in so far. “Wow this changes everything,” writes @jepictiktok, with @dignasty admitting, “I learned more about cookies in 20 sec than the previous 40 years.”

Although commenters have different opinions on which cookie is most appealing, they all now know how to make it the way they prefer.

Crawford calls it #cookiescience. We call it #perfection.

Need a recipe to try this tip out on? Try this one for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.