How Shrimp Makes These Fritters Gluten-Free

(Image credit: Brie Passano)

Make any type of fritter, and you’re guaranteed to get everyone to gather around the table. Whether they are made with beans, veggies, or, in this case, shrimp, fritters are always a crowd-pleaser.

These fritters are noteworthy not only for their smoky flavor, but also their texture — and that’s all thanks to shrimp.

Using Shrimp as a Binder

While most fritters rely on flour or breadcrumbs to act as the binder that holds the ingredients together into patties, these eschew both. Instead, the shrimp itself is the binder. When blitzed in a food processor, raw shrimp transforms into a sticky paste that glues the remaining ingredients — raw corn, additional raw chopped shrimp, and spices — together so the mixture can be formed into patties that hold together when pan-fried. No flour, no problem.

This principle also works for shrimp meatballs and the filling for dumplings. The next time you’re in need of binder that’s gluten-free, consider using shrimp.