3 Kitchen Island Ideas You Should Steal

(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

Kitchen islands are always a top-of-the-list item when it comes to designing a dream space from scratch, and for good reason. There are so many obvious perks to having one: More counter space! Bonus seating! Extra storage!

What’s more, a stylish island can become a statement piece for a kitchen. Here are three wow-worthy island trends that take the cabinetry from a simple kitchen workhorse to a major design element.

(Image credit: Jacqueline Marque)

1. Waterfall Islands

Perhaps the most luxe of all the options, waterfall countertops add an extra high-end touch to your kitchen (check out the gorgeous San Fran kitchen of Leo and Daniel). The style, which extends your countertop material down one (or both) sides of your island to the floor, is super modern, sleek, and the perfect way to show off an especially beautiful countertop material pick — like fancy marble. This works even in the smallest of kitchens, as the treatment can add visual interest and give the illusion of more counter space.

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2. Multi-level Islands

A slight throwback to the kitchens of the 1970s, designers and homeowners are adding multi-level islands to kitchens once again. (But this time, with much more class and style.) Multi-level islands are a great option for an eat-in kitchen where you need an island with a bit of prep space and a bit of chow room. You can mix up your materials, like pairing a butcher block prep space with a marble-topped higher level (or vice versa like this space from CG&S Design-Build), or keep everything the same for a seamless look.

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(Image credit: Rock My Style)

3. Tiled Islands

This last look is the perfect way to add a bold dose of color or pattern to your kitchen — but only a little bit of it. While tile in the kitchen is nothing new, we love seeing this growing trend of basic white kitchens with a graphic tile on the inside of the island. Not only do they look great, but ceramic or encaustic tiles are also super durable, so they’ll stand up to any kicks, bumps, or scratches that life in the kitchen brings. Hint: The tiles in this kitchen, featured on Rock My Style, are from Fired Earth.

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Which one is your favorite?