How Should I Organize My Utensil Drawer?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I have a tiny kitchen, with a single drawer dedicated to cooking accessories and utensils. While other storage spaces are quite well-organized (even if overstuffed), my kitchen utensil drawer is always so cluttered.

I can’t get rid of many objects because everything is useful to me. After each reorganization or decluttering, the drawer is a mess again after about three weeks. Suggestions on how to keep this area organized?

Sent by Ilaria

Editor: Ah, the dreaded kitchen gadget drawer. We all have one. Perhaps consider storing some of your kitchen tools and utensils elsewhere. Peg boards are a smart way to utilize wall space, or try a small crock on the counter.

Readers, any suggestions for how Ilaria can keep her utensil drawer organized?