How Pinterest Thinks You Should Celebrate Valentine's Day

How Pinterest Thinks You Should Celebrate Valentine's Day

Ariel Knutson
Feb 11, 2014

There are two types of Valentine's Day you can celebrate –– one that is low-maintenance yet still filled with cute sugar cookies, some flowers, and perhaps something special for dinner.

And then there is what Pinterest thinks you should do on Valentine's Day: An entire 24 hours filled with only heart-shaped foods, shades of red and pink, and the most elaborate snacks and meals your heartstrings can handle. It's up to you to decide how far to go; Pinterest is egging you on.

Here's how to celebrate Valentine's Day according to Pinterest:

After you've done your nails...

....and fixed your hair into a heart for the day...

...It's time to focus on the most important part of Valentine's Day –– the food situation. For breakfast let's start with eggs.

And then let's add some adorable bacon for an extra boost of protein. You won't be eating real food for dinner, so eat up now.

Wash it all down with a delicious drink:

Until dinner you will only be eating candy and dessert. Everything you consume has to either include a heart or be red. Let's start with cupcakes:

But you have to save room for these cupcakes, too:

And make sure to have some red fortune cookies with cute notes on hand for the office or school:

This super easy snack of gummies + pretzels will make everyone fall in love with you on Valentine's Day.

After you've had your fair share of treats, it's time to think about dinner. While you might be tempted to make a steak or have some oysters, Pinterest knows better.

This soup is a great first course:

Followed by some cutie-pie pizza to share with your sweetheart:

And polish off the night with something red, drinkable, and preferably boozy:

And end it with a cake that has a secret heart baked inside:

How are you celebrating Valentine's this year? Do you have the energy to do it the Pinterest Way?

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