How Often Should I Clean Out My Pantry?

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Q: Is there a rule to how often you should clean out your pantry? Just today I took the time to go through everything and I found so many expired items. (Jell-O with a date from 2005!)

Is there a standard for how often you should go through your shelves so you don’t end up with so many expired items?

Sent by Pattie

Editor: Pattie, it sounds like you could use the Kitchen Cure! We all could, after all — since cleaning the pantry and fridge aren’t exactly things that get done on a regular basis.

We don’t have a set frequency for cleaning out the pantry, but we do go through it at least twice yearly during the Kitchen Cure. We also try to institute a “cupboard challenge” week of meals about once a month where we try to cook with only what’s left in our cupboards. This is actually really fun, and often a great way to try new recipes and styles of cooking, too.

Readers, what’s your take on this?

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