How Frequently Do You Invite People Over to Share a Meal?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

People often imply that summer is the time to entertain and have dinner parties, but personally I feel like winter is the high point of sharing meals with others. Everyone is in town, working hard, and sharing a home-cooked meal with friends or family can be a treat on a cold winter evening. So we are curious and wanted to ask: How frequently do you have people over in your home to share a meal?

Note that I did not ask how often you have dinner parties or entertain. Those phrases often imply a more high-maintenance style of having meals or having other people over. Sharing a meal can be as simple as having a crowd over to eat pizza and watch a football game!

What’s your meal-sharing style? Do you throw big dinners for friends frequently? Or is this just not practical in your current setup?

And if you would like to have people over more frequently, how can we help you in that? Are there any topics that would be helpful for us to cover?

(Image: Ray Kachatorian from Good Food To Share)