How Much Will You Pay For Crackers?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We gladly splurge on good cheese (Stichelton is our new favorite). But, when we treat ourselves to a cheese that’s nearly $40 a pound, we don’t want to spend too much for the crackers.

Are we the only ones who forget to buy crackers until we’re standing at a fancy cheese counter? We’re wondering how you handle the cracker conundrum.

Do you just surrender, like we did last week, and pay silly Dean & Deluca $5.25 for a 4.25 oz box of Carr’s crackers? Or do you have a more fiscally responsible solution?

We’ve taken to buying baguettes and thinly slicing them to serve our cheese. On Sunday, we ate the last of our Stichelton on pear slices.

We’re still looking to stock up on a less expensive cracker or find a store with Carr’s on sale. Who has some secret sources to share?

While we’re discussing the minutiae of plan crackers, we though we’d pass along this surprisingly interesting entry on the history of the water biscuit. These pricey British crackers are descendants of the hardtack crackers troops ate during the Civil War.