How Much Water Does It Take To Produce a Pound of Beef?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Wall Street Journal’s Numbers Guy investigates the amazing amount of water it takes to create a single serving of beef.

While there are so many variables (pregnant cows drink more, should rainwater count?), this column says it takes about eight times as much water to make a fast-food burger than it does to make a loaf of bread.

Ready for a Friday morning pop quiz?

This column introduced us to the water resources section of the US Geological Survey site, where we found this quiz. Do you know how much water it takes to produce one egg or a serving of rice? Take the test and let us know how you did.

The Number’s Guy blog post related to this article says the researchers who conducted this study “caution that making beef takes more water than practically every other food studied, and that their estimates don’t include water to get the beef from the processing plant to the plate.” Does this change how you eat?