How Much Juice Is In a Lemon?

updated May 2, 2019
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Q: In recipes that call for the juice of one lemon or lime or other citrus fruit, how much are they asking? 1/4 cup? 1/8 cup? Some fruits are very juicy, and fruit size can vary too. I also have a tendency to wring out every last drop of juice! It’d be nice to have a standard measurement to go off of.

Sent by Cara

Editor: Cara, here are standard measurements for lemon and lime juice:

1 lemon yields: 3 tablespoons juice
1 lime yields: 2 tablespoons juice

Now, of course there are variations between fruits of different sizes, and there will also be variations depending on what kind of extraction you use. But a good recipe should also specify the actual quantity needed, unless it’s a looser recipe for a salad dressing or something like that.

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