How Much Do the Residents of Your City Spend On Food?

How Much Do the Residents of Your City Spend On Food?

Sarah Rae Smith
May 25, 2010

Having had the opportunity to live all over the country, we've noticed obvious trends in the eating habits of the residents in whatever city we're in at the time. Some cities love their restaurants. Others spend the majority of their budget on ingredients and cook at home. See how this breaks down for your town!

The Consumerist recently reported on Bundle's number crunching when it comes to food consumption around the country. Not only did they check in on how much money was being spent on food, but they also noted whether it was being spent at restaurants or at local grocers.

At the bottom of the list are cities like Detroit, Baltimore, Milwaukee and Tulsa. They're spending the least amount of cash on food and very, very little on eating out (in comparison to other cities). The top of the list is being held down by Austin, Nashville and San Francisco.

Checking out the breakdown between how money is spent is quite fascinating. Where does your city rank on the list? You can even check out the age group breakdown and household income!

See the infographic pertaining to geographical location here
See the breakdown by age group, income and household here

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(via: Bundle via The Consumerist)
(Image: Bundle)

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