How Much Does It Really Cost to Install New Kitchen Countertops?

updated Oct 4, 2019
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Credit: Faith Durand

If you’re contemplating a kitchen reno, you’re probably knee deep in trying to pick out countertops that will last the longest — and best fit your budget. With such a wide variety of options available (marble! Quartz! Granite! Butcher block! Etc!) it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of options.

But before you melt down at your local Home Depot, the decision may ultimately come down to how easy the countertop is to clean, whether you can put down a hot spaghetti pot on it without doing damage and, frankly, how much it costs. Ever wondering how much you’ll have to spend on your dream countertop and whether you’ll have to sacrifice style for something practical?

Meet five homeowners who wanted to talk about what they got, why they got it, and how much they spent.

Credit: Linda Lam

Linda Lam, Long Island City, New York

Spent: $7,000 (including installation)

“When I was remodeling my former loft, I didn’t have a set budget for countertops — I just knew selecting durable materials would be a worthwhile investment. In the end, I selected Silestone quartz for the eight-foot countertops on my kitchen island because both my neighbors and interior designer recommended it. I’m a busy professional and wanted something super durable with zero maintenance. Silestone’s big array of colors also made it easy to find something that complemented the modern aesthetic of my space.”

Miguel A. Suro, Miami

Spent: $7,000 (including installation)

“My wife and I remodeled our kitchen in 2016 and decided to go with white quartz for our L-shaped countertops that total nearly 23 feet long and our island, which has a quartz part that’s 5.5 feet long and a wood top that’s 5.4 feet. We preferred quartz because it’s not porous like granite, so it’s less susceptible to stains and does not have to be periodically resealed. Also, its uniformity went better with the sleek, modern design we wanted.”

Lindsey Catarino, West Hartford, Connecticut

Spent: $3,500 (including installation)

“When I purchased my small condo, the open kitchen had what I lovingly called fake granite countertops in a bold black color. My vision was always ‘white and airy’ so they were an eyesore to me. Once I saved enough money, I replaced them with 15 feet of honed white marble, which I love. Because I see my kitchen countertops in almost every room in my house, I’m really happy with my decision. My guests always comment on how beautiful the countertops are.” 

Lauren Keating, Albany, New York

Spent: $1,900 (including free installation)

“We’re in the middle of a DIY remodel of our small kitchen right now and, while we were torn between granite and quartz, we ultimately chose granite for our eight-foot countertop because it had so much depth to it and we didn’t love the flat look quartz has. The bonus: It was almost half the cost!”

Sarah Drennan, Allendale, New Jersey

Spent: $5,000 (including installation)

“I just installed soapstone countertops for the perimeter of my kitchen (17 feet total) and Carrera marble for the small island — and love it all. The soapstone is durable, doesn’t require sealing, and doesn’t stain. I especially love the color and how it changes with the light — from black to gray to blue green.” 

Carolyn Johnson, Washington, D.C.

Spent: $8,500 (including installation)

“I recently upgraded my kitchen and chose LG Viatera white marble-style quartz in Rococo for our 12-foot counter and 10-by-3 foot island, as we have little ones and wanted to pick countertops that are durable, stain-resistant, and reasonably priced.”

Did you get new countertops at some point? How much did you spend?