Exactly How Many Slices Are in a Costco Pizza?

published Aug 15, 2023
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closeup flat lay top view image of a carton box of delicious made to order COSTCO cheese pizza. Very popular bargain priced food court item from the wholesale giant.
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Although I somehow always manage to spend $300 on a trip to Costco, I’m not leaving without a visit to the food court, regardless of the cart full of groceries that are set to sustain me for a month. The hot dog (now with onions again!) and churros are classic options, and an entire pizza means dinner is covered for at least two days. 

But just exactly how many slices are in a whole pizza from Costco? I went to find out. 

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So, How Many Slices Are in a Costco Pizza?

It turns out there are 12 slices of pizza in a Costco pizza. My pizza was approximately 17 inches in diameter (about the length of 1.5 paper towel rolls), which measures roughly to a 53.4 inch circumference. If you’re not a math person, all of this is to say it’s a fairly large pizza, with a plush, chewy crust and a thick blanket of cheese. Two slices easily satiate me. 

You can order the pizza either by visiting one of the electronic kiosks, going to the food court window with your Costco card and cash in hand, or calling ahead. If you order through the kiosk or window, be prepared to wait for your whole pizza (or plan ahead and snap it up on your way out the door) For me, it took approximately 10 minutes from the time I placed my order to being handed my pizza. 

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What Else You Should Know About Costco’s Pizza?

As of now, there are three variations of Costco Pizza you can get: cheese, pepperoni, or half-and-half (which is a blend of the two). All three variations clock in at $9.95 per pie.

The beloved combination pizza — which included a medley of mushroom, bell pepper, red onions, sausage, and black olives — was discontinued in the summer of 2020 in an effort to simplify Costco’s food court menu. But like the raw onion topping for hot dogs and the chicken Caesar salad, it’s possible this fan favorite may make a return in the future.

When you order a whole pizza, paper plates are provided, as well as packets of red pepper flakes and Parmesan cheese.

My Honest Review of Costco’s Pizza

For me, Costco’s pizza is nostalgic and consistent. The cheese is always the right amount of bubbly and browned, the sauce is tangy and tomato-forward, and the pepperoni is wonderfully salty. The crust isn’t mind-blowing, but it’s still soft on the inside and chewy on the outside. 

Is it as good as the pizza joints I frequented when I lived in Brooklyn? Of course not — but it’s not trying to be anything else than what it is: simple, affordable, and satisfying. Sometimes, in a pizza and for a lazy weeknight dinner, that’s all you need.

Find it in stores: Costco Half and Half Pizza, $9.95 for 12 slices at Costco

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