How Many of These 9 Mystery Ingredients Can You Identify? Get the Answers Here

(Image credit: Sarah via the Kitchn Submission Form)

Did you take our mystery ingredient quiz? It’s time to see how you did.

Mystery Ingredient Answers

3. Tinda

4. Etrog

5. Lychee

6. Loquat

7. Oregano

How did you do?

1-3: Pat yourself on the back, this was a hard quiz. Maybe take a stroll through your grocery store next time you go and pick up something new.

4-7: You’re a very impressive person – congratulations! You know your way around the grocery store and farmers market. Show off to your friends a little.

8-9: You are an ingredient MASTER! Nothing stands between you and your grocery shopping needs. Spread the love, won’t you?