How Long Is Too Long to Leave Up Your Indoor Fort?

published Feb 25, 2017
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(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

So you

took our advice

did go through all that effort — but if you’re not sure how long is too long, just ask yourself these five questions.

1. Is it falling down?

Yes: If you can salvage your fort with minimal repairs, go for it. If you basically have to rebuild, take it as a sign that it’s time to restore your living room to its natural state.
No: Good job! Are you a professional builder? An architect? A Lego expert?

2. Do you need the sheets from the fort in order to change the sheets on your bed?

Yes: Don’t be ridiculous (or dirty!). You will have to sacrifice your fort in the name of cleanliness.
No: You own an impressive number of sheets! For that, you are rewarded with permission to keep your fort up.

3. Do you have company coming over?

Yes: Ask yourself if these guests will get a kick out of the fort or if they’ll secretly judge you. Listen to your gut here.
No: You don’t have any plans to have anyone over this week? Is there any chance that a coworker might end up swinging by on her way home? Will your neighbor randomly come up to borrow a cup of flour? No, no, and no? Then, by all means, leave that fort up!

4. If you have visitors coming, do they happen to be your parents?

Yes: If there’s any chance your parents will see your secret sheet hideout, you should probably take it down. Sorry.
No: The fort can stay. But don’t blame this on us if you get caught.

5. Is your fort distracting you from being a productive human?

Yes: Okay, you’ve had your fun — now get back to work.
No: Maybe you work from home and can have all the conference calls you want from your fort? Or maybe the fort is just what you needed to get your creative juices flowing? Who cares, this new living room setup looks good on you! Consider making it a permanent installation.