How Long Can I Refrigerate an Unbaked Pie?

published Dec 3, 2015
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Q: How long can I refrigerate an unbaked peach pie before the crust will get soggy?

Sent by Jan

Editor: The short answer — not terribly long at all. Fruit tends to water out pretty quickly after it’s been mixed with any sort of sugar, and as a result, your crust will grow gummy in a matter of minutes. The first thing you should do is blind bake the crust. Once par-baked (or even baked all the way), it’s less likely to grow mushy. If this is a single-crust pie, consider storing the filling and crust separately until right before baking.

If you really must store the assembled, unbaked pie, there are a few things that will help.

  • Strain the fruit after you’ve tossed it with sugar mixture. Less liquid means a less soggy crust.
  • Sprinkle the crust with cornstarch. This creates a barrier between the crust in the filling — although, it’s not foolproof.
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