How I Turn a Trip to the Farmers Market into Dinner

How I Turn a Trip to the Farmers Market into Dinner

Meghan Splawn
Jul 27, 2017
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I love visiting our weekly farmers market every week from April to October, buying whatever is in season, looks good, or what I might need for my weekly meal plan. Often I head to the market without a list and just base dinners on what I find, but the ultimate goal of farmers market shopping is an epic Saturday night feast. Here is how I fix a farmers market supper.

Big Salads

This one seems a little obvious, yes, but a salad overfilled with fresh vegetables is a favorite, especially when I can get gorgeous leafy greens from my favorite lettuce stall at the market. When I get home from the market I boil some water for blanching beans, potatoes, and even a few eggs. Then I can easily turn a spring market haul into salad Niçoise. Another family favorite is a big Greek salad from the market. Grabbing briny feta and fluffy pita from the Greek market stall puts it over the top.

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The Massive Family Snack Platter

A snack platter is nothing more that cut-up fruits, vegetables, maybe a dip, and some nuts or cheese. You can pull it off in less than 10 minutes of prep time post-farmers market, and I'm always astonished how quickly my kids will plow through a plate of mostly raw vegetables and fruit because I call it snacks and not dinner!

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(Image credit: Guy Ambrosino)

Pasta Plus All the Vegetables

Our market (and most markets, I suspect) has a handmade pasta stall with beautiful hand-cut pasta and plump ravioli. I don't always splurge on such a treat, but when I do I pair it with nothing more than quickly sautéed vegetables, butter, and herbs from the market. Okay, maybe a small salad and a glass of wine are on the table too.

Our farmers market template: Farmers Market Pasta

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Another reason to buy bread at the market? Open-faced vegetable sandwiches for dinner. This technique works especially well when tomatoes are in season, but you can also roast September's squash into a lush topping for crusty bread that makes a hearty market dinner.

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