How Does a Seasoned Cast Iron Pan Affect the Seasoning of a Dish?

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Q: I just saw the recipe How To Cook Perfect Steak in the Oven and I am interested in making it this Sunday for Valentine’s Day. I went through most of the comments looking for an answer, but did not find it. I have a seasoned cast iron skillet and wanted to know how it would affect the seasoning on the steak.

Would I leave out the seasoning on the steak or still use it?

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Editor: When we talk about a seasoned cast iron pan, we’re referring to the development of a natural nonstick coating that’s created through a process of polymerized fat. This can occur over time or be produced intentionally with a technique like this one. Seasoning leads to the development of a film or sealed coating of fat that acts as a nonstick surface. All of this and no salt, pepper, herbs, or any flavoring agents required.

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So your seasoned nonstick skillet won’t actually season the steak, but it will prevent it from sticking. Don’t leave out the pepper when you whip up this recipe, and definitely don’t leave out the salt!