How Do You Store Your Bread?

published Aug 5, 2011
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I live alone, so it can take me a good week to go through a loaf of bread. Keeping it fresh can be a challenge. I usually buy unsliced bread, so freezing it is not a practical option and plastic bags only seem to encourage limpness and mold. After struggling with this issue for quite some time, I recently discovered a method to store my bread right there on my kitchen counter that couldn’t be simpler. It requires no additional purchases or fancy equipment. Read on for my solution!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Simply put, I just keep my bread in the paper bag I purchased it in and wrap the whole thing up in a cotton tea towel. That’s it! The bread stays fresh for a week, with maybe the last two days being more toast worthy. I cut off slices starting about one-third of the way in and press the cut slices together to protect the soft inside.

I’m not sure why this works but as there are many factors at play here: my Bay Area climate is cool and low in humidity, my bread is super-fresh (sometimes its still warm when I purchase it) and it’s beautifully made. Since I purchase it from a farmers’ market stall, I don’t have an ingredient label, but perhaps my preferred brand (sesame semolina from Starter Bakery) is richer than most. Either way, I’m now on day three of my most recent loaf of bread and the crust is still crisp and the interior soft and crumbly.

How do you store your bread and are you happy with it? Share your tips with us in the comments!

(Images: Dana Velden)