Do You Know How to Pronounce These 10 Common Food Words?

Do You Know How to Pronounce These 10 Common Food Words?

Ariel Knutson
Aug 20, 2015
Girl Who Is Very Confused
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There are many videos and articles out there that tell you how to say hard-to-pronounce food words. You've seen them, I've seen them. Now is the time to test your skills.

Look at the word and image, say the name in your head – or go crazy and say it out loud! – and then see if you're right. Tally up your points and tell us how you did in the comments.

1. Quinoa

Answer: Keen-Wa (Quinoa).

2. Nutella

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Answer: New-Tell-Ah (Nutella). Apparently this is controversial.

3. Bruschetta

Answer: Broo-Sket-Tuh (Bruschetta).

4. Gyro

Answer: Yeer-Oh (Gyro).

5. Pho

Answer: Fuh (Pho).

6. Worcestershire

Answer: Wus-Tuh-Shur (Worcestershire).

7. Sriracha

Answer: Sir-Rotch-Ah (Sriracha). This is also controversial, but this is how The New York Times says it's pronounced.

8. Tzatziki

(Image credit: Megan Gordon)

Answer: Zat-Zee-Key (Tzatziki).

9. Gnocchi

Answer: Nyohk-Kee (Gnocchi).

10. Jicama

Answer: Hee-Kah-Mah (Jicama).

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