How Do You Clean Your Kitchen Floor?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This week’s Cure assignment includes a good bout of deep cleaning, and boy, nowhere needs it so much as our kitchen floor. We are pretty animated in the kitchen, and it seems like there’s always something landing on the floor. We do our best to keep it clean(ish) as we go, but it still almost always needs a good mopping.

We’re curious how you clean your kitchen floor. Do you sweep or vacuum? Do you use a mop? Or do you get down on your hands and knees with a sponge? And what kind of kitchen floor do you have? Cleaning methods will vary for different sorts of floors. Do you have any especially good tips for removing stuck-on food, old crumbs, and grease?

We’ve discussed this topic before, but it’s always worth revisiting. A kitchen floor sort of disappears into the background, but then when it’s really clean and gleaming it subtly elevates the look (and feel!) of the whole kitchen.

We’re big fans of warm water, vinegar, and a heavy duty sponge — although we also use an old sponge and squirts of natural cleaner for small spot cleaning throughout the week.

We love a clean kitchen floor. How do you clean yours?