How Do You Bust Breakfast Boredom?

(Image credit: Megan Gordon)

There comes a time each fall when we all slip into a new morning routine. Maybe you have kids and you’ve got the back-to-school thing going on. Maybe you have new routines of your own, or your work picks up in the fall. All of these changes, even minor seasonal ones, so alter the way we eat. Breakfast is no exception. And around this time each year, I find myself staring down a morning rut.

We eat different morning meals based on the day. A typical Wednesday may find you eating Raisin Bran or an English muffin while a slow Sunday may find you scrambling eggs and frying up some bacon. But what do you do when you tire of the Raisin Bran and English muffins? What if, come the weekend, you can’t stand to look at a pan of scrambled eggs?

I’m currently writing a cookbook on whole grain breakfasts and have become immensely interested in what people choose to eat for breakfast and what people would choose if they had little other commitments or restrictions. I think most of us fall somewhere in the middle: half routine and repetition and the other half a little dip into something new and interesting.

So I’d love to know: what do you do to avoid breakfast boredom? What breakfasts are you excited about right this second?