How Do You Break An Egg?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The egg! The egg is the backbone and staple of so much cooking that entire cookbooks have been written around it. Butter and bread are all you need to add to a lone egg for a great breakfast, and a little olive oil will give you the best fried egg you’ve ever had.

Eggs are nearly indispensable in classic baking and cooking. When separated, the yolks and whites can accomplish nearly magical feats of expansion and thickening. Eggs are amazing, and we never tire of cooking with them.

We crack hundreds of eggs every year, and we always think of Sabrina and her quest to crack an egg with one hand. Can you do that? We haven’t quite mastered it yet (wrist like a whip). When cracking and separating eggs we usually use a separate bowl from our mixing bowl, since it has a thick lip and often crushes the eggshell into little bits that fall in.

How do you crack eggs?

We like to crack eggs into a fine china teacup with a very thin edge that splits the shell directly under a hard tap.

When separating egg yolks and whites we always do them one at a time. We slip the yolk back and forth between eggshell halves, letting the white plop out into the cup below. We do them one at a time because then if a bit of yolk gets into one white we won’t have to throw out the entire bowl and start over again.

Any tips for breaking or separating eggs?

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