How Do I Use Triguisar (Colombian Powdered Seasoning)?

published May 10, 2010
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Q: Ages ago a family friend from Colombia gave my mom a spice for making tacos. I just recently re-found this spice (Triguisar) and am looking for the best ways to use it. My mom used it to spice hamburger for tacos and was told to use it without adding water. This didn’t work so well for ground turkey. It was still tasty, but way too dry.

I asked a cooking blog and was told to use it in soups, stews and marinades. Has anyone used this before and does anyone have any specific recipes for this yummy spice mix?

Sent by Kate

Editor: Kate, how interesting! We are not familiar with this seasoning, although we did see in our online research that it includes cumin and other spices.

Readers, any tips or ideas for Kate? Have you used triguisar before?

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