How Do I Temper Bitter Zucchini?

updated May 1, 2019
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Q: Recently I made a zucchini recipe that sounded good (honey, EVOO, orange zest, cayenne). It was all tossed together and grilled. To me, the zucchini tasted bitter. My husband suggested trying it again, but salting the zucchini first, as one would do with eggplant.

Has anyone had this problem with bitterness in zucchini? Could it be because it’s a bit too early for zucchini? Does salting benefit zucchini?

Sent by Terri

Editor: Salting surely can help, but there’s something else to learn from the eggplant: The bigger the eggplant, the more bitter it is — and the same goes for zucchini. You’ll also find that larger, older eggplant and zucchini have more seeds. Salting helps combat the bitterness of both of these water-dense vegetables by drawing out some of the excess moisture and the bitterness, aiding with the overall texture as well. Just don’t forget to lightly rinse some of the salt off.

I’ve also taken to soaking my eggplant in milk when I have a larger one on my hands — I can see that working for the zucchini as well.