How Do I Stop My Hands From Burning After Cutting Hot Peppers?

published Aug 27, 2014
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Q: Jalapeño juice got on my hands after cutting them up, and it sent my brain into overload! I couldn’t believe how bad the burning sensation got. This never happened to me before! I tried yogurt, bleach, lemon juice — nothing worked! The only thing that helped was putting my hands in a bowl of ice water.

I was in a lot of pain for three to four hours.

I saw today that another idea was to use olive oil then wash it off after a few minutes. That made some sense to me. Then I though about using a product we use for a sunburn, “solorcaine.” Has anyone used that for a remedy?

Thanks to everyone for their input on this subject. I will not forget to wear gloves next time I cut up ANY peppers.

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